Logo and identity design

The role of the logo is identification and differentiation. A good logo communicates in a visual language everything that a product or service represents: the quality, the taste of life, the added value. All of these packed in a single sign. This becomes the identity, the basis of brand building, an integral part of the marketing strategy.

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Webdesign, web developement

A good website is clear, user-friendly, functions perfectly on mobile phones, captures the viewer, and keeps them on the site. The first task is to decide on the content. This is followed by a structure design, a map of the page that contains the functions. The last step is to assign the visual design elements that correlate with the image.

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Product photos

If you run a webshop, you will need good quality product photos. If you do not have such, we can help. The expertise is guaranteed by VTK Fotó and Vera Dombi photographer. Studio portraits can also be arranged.

Social Media Photo Workshop

Nowdays the social media surfaces offer a cheap and effective way of marketing. If you are a small enterpreneur with no sources for expensive marketing specialists, you can start with social media. It is important to appear on these platforms with high quality, well-composed, buyermagnet images. How to do this?   Tudj meg többet >>

Printed materials

Flyer, posters, banner, prospects, broshures, DM mails, , magazines,postcard, invitation card, chatalogue, flyer, menu, book cover, CD cover. All of these with unique visual solutions. Tudj meg többet >>

Package design

Packaging has a great impact on creating a first impression in customers. Which product do they pick from the shelf? You have a high-quality product, but it is not reflected by the packaging? Get a new one designed!

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Manual techniques can be well combined with digital ones resulting a special visual experience on a website, on a book cover or a marketing material as well. When I prepare covers and illustrations for children’s books and volumes of poerty I always start out from the text’s atmosphere and the author’s concepts. Manual works give a personal feeling to the website.

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