Website design


Need a good website for your enterprise?

A good website is clear, user-friendly, functions perfectly on mobile phones, captures the viewer, and keeps them on the site. The first task is to decide on the content. This is followed by a structure design, a map of the page that contains the functions. The last step is to assign the visual design elements that correlate with the image.

We design webshops and simple introductory websites. With the help of my software developer colleague, we serve every need from online room booking to credit card payment . My partner in unique solutions to software development and programming unique pages is Dura Stúdió.

We offer discount packages for small businesses.  Do you have a website that is out-dated and inefficient? Get a new one designed!

Do you want to refresh your existing site?

The trend sin design are changing fast – also the habits of media consumption. We can catch up with the design and marketing trends to have a one-step advantage with competitors!


Product photos


Need nice product pictures?

If you run a webshop, you will need good quality product photos. If you do not have such, we can help.  The expertise is guaranteed by veradombiphotos photographer.  Studio portraits can also be arranged.

Online marketing

Have clients, buyers through your site!

In order to succeed in sales, it is a good start to have a webshop, but it is not satisfactory in itself. It should be search engine optimised: that is, those looking for your product or service should be able to find them on the first pages, after typing in the key words.  The opportunities offered by the social media should also be taken, if you want your product to reach a wider spectrum of customers.  My partner in preparing an online campaign is Blue Lime House Bt.