Village Series

In my childhood, idyll meant the closeness to nature, existence in harmony with it, diligent weekdays, the tolling of bells, and Sundays spent in churches. This atmosphere of the past century emerges in my paintings, capturing the naive religiosity, tin Christs, and the simple life that’s barely traceable in today’s world.

“There’s a peculiar ability to compress phases of movement in space and time into a single characteristic, eternally valid gesture… Respect for customs and a sense of personal connection characterize his artworks, which serve as memories of the historical past of the village and its inhabitants, preserving them as mementos. The portrayal of the elderly woman standing by the table is particularly intriguing… ‘Mama’—where behind the colors lie only the past and the present, while the future embodies passing. And collectively, it’s humanity itself. With its frailties, its old age. Its hunched back.”

Angyal Mária, art journalist