Packaging design

Packaging design

Have you ever chosen a wine based on its label?

Packaging is the first surface where a buyer encounters a product. It should promise what it delivers inside the packaging. Therefore, packaging significantly influences the initial impression on buyers. Elegant, youthful, sporty, luxurious. It’s important for the packaging to convey the same quality and lifestyle that the product itself embodies. It needs to stand out among similar products and entice the buyer to pick yours off the shelf.

Struggling to articulate what you want?

Let’s have a conversation to discover where you envision positioning your product, the message you want to convey to your target audience, and I will transform it into words and images.

Design process

1/ Positioning the product: Before the design process, we’ll have a marketing consultation to discuss the target audience, the product’s features, its uniqueness in the market, the products of competitors, in order to determine where and how your product fits into the market.

2/ 2-3 Ideas: I will present 2-3 rough ideas from which you can select the direction to be further developed.

3/ Print-ready version:The packaging design will be created according to the printing specifications, incorporating the mandatory information and tables.

4/ Final version and handover: The final packaging will be completed after a maximum of 2 revision rounds. The files will be delivered to the printing house in the appropriate format.

“Expressing my expectations often poses a challenge, but when I see the end result, I know that this is exactly what I was looking for! You have surpassed my hopes completely.”

Attila Gubo,