Webdesign and more

Webdesign and more

A website that speaks to your audience

Whether your business should have a website is no longer a question these days. However, what would be the perfect solution for you requires serious consideration.

Every website’s business purpose is to engage visitors, offer solutions to their problems, and consequently bring in more customers, guests, or clients for you. That’s why embedding the website within a well-thought-out marketing strategy is crucial. Compelling content, user-friendliness, transparency, distinctive and captivating design differentiating you from competitors, and search engine optimization are all vital elements to ensure people find your site. We create high-quality, mobile-optimized WordPress websites with unique designs. To deliver the best in every aspect, I closely collaborate with a copywriter and a web developer.

Website creation process:

1/ Marketing consultaion: The process begins with an exploratory conversation to assess your needs, the required functionalities, which form the basis for providing a quotation.

2/ Content creation, sitemap:A structural outline or sitemap is created for the website, detailing its functionalities, followed by integrating visually fitting elements in line with the brand identity.

3/ Building and designing: based on the content and sitemap, the creation of the visual narrative begins, associating images and color combinations, defining typography in harmony with the brand identity.

4/ Optimisation for mobile: we optimize the completed site for mobile devices to ensure a perfect appearance and functionality on smartphones.

5/ Deployment: We launch the website and hand it over, ready to welcome visitors





Web developement

What I provide:
        • unique icons, graphic elements
        • color palette
        • typography
        • infographics
        • backgrounds
        • patterns
            If the project requires it, I can recommend additional professionals:
                  • Copywriter in English
                  • SEO specialist
                  • Photographer – portraits or product photography

                      Every business and every website is unique, so we always provide custom quotes tailored to your needs and vision!

                            At the Content Kitchen, I’ve tasted texts crafted by Blanká, and we’ve collaborated on several projects. I confidently recommend her:

                            I’m Blanka Kustár, the brand-building storyteller, copywriter, and communication strategy consultant at KontentKonyha and MYSTO Brand Lab.

                            With my background in humanities and artistic creativity, I focus on discovering stories that act as bridges connecting companies/organizations with their audiences (audience, clients, partners, employees).

                            The web pages, sales sites, and introductory newsletters I write are crafted leveraging the power of storytelling.

                            My aim is to use the methodology of storytelling to garner more attention for good causes, services, and products, making their messages memorable.

                            Building on strategic foundations, I write, requiring a deep understanding of the company and the brand’s message to align with the current communication strategy objectives.

                                  “The completed work is magnificent, each piece is unique. You have given shape to my vague ideas, visually expressing what I could barely articulate. You immerse yourself in the mind and desires of the client, guiding them towards affordable and achievable solutions.”

                                  Mirjam Dura, kapcsolatrendezo.hu