Graphic Design

The process of an identity design starts with mapping my client’s needs and plans. The visual identity has to fit int he marketing plans. Important to be different from the competitors and staying interesting int he huge noise of advertisements of our age. The logo has to fit all areas of usage: online and printed as well. I help my clients with my competence and deep knowledge in this. My essence is creation, buti n this case not for my own sake, but for increasing my clients incomes by finding fresh, unique visual solutions. I listen to trends and create in different styles, always choosing the most appropriate one.


I am inspired by nature. I do not want to give back the scenery with all the details like a photo. I would rather catsh the impression of it. I want to anchor, recall the misterious November fog, the colourfulness of spring and the soft silence of winter snow. To engrain something transitory, a momentary miracle, and after it is gone only hope remains that many other miracles will happen in nature every day. The result is many layers of paints together. The image itself is born in the audience.



Logo and identity design

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Package design

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Marketing materials

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Website design

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