Logo design and branding

Logo design and branding

Would you launch an enterprise with professional outfit? 
Have a logo but need a lifting?

Either you start your business now or level up an ongoing enterprise, you are at the right place! You will get a super logo, functioning well on all platforms supporting your business goals.

    Why is a logo so important?
    • The role of a logo is in identification and differentiation.
    • A good logo communicates visually everything that the product or service represents: quality, lifestyle, added value. All condensed into a single symbol.
    • The logo is the foundation of your brand, an integral part of your marketing strategy.
    • It signifies professionalism, makes you unique, and speaks to your target audience.

    For a jam maker, a good logo at first glance tells the taste, the story, the aroma, the careful selection of ingredients, or the meticulousness of the cooking process. For a lawyer, a good logo implies reliability, precision, and discretion. That’s why logo design is a complex and time-consuming process that starts with understanding your needs and plans.

    Having trouble expressing what you want? Vera Visual Art is here to assist you in finding the perfect words to convey your desires.

    Our marketing consultation services are designed to help you communicate effectively, whether it’s for logo design or brand identity. We understand that who you communicate to, what you say, and how you say it all matter. Once we gather the foundations, we move on to the design phase: presenting you with 2-3 initial concepts to choose from, which will then be developed further. After 2 rounds of revisions, the final artwork will be ready. We provide the logo in multiple file formats suitable for both print and digital use, ensuring that the colors and fonts are preserved.

    Logo or identity? Why is it essential to have a consistant brand identity? The key to gaining trust.

      To achieve a professional appearance, every completed marketing material matters, so the overall image of the brand becomes consistent when these materials consistently feature the same visual elements, such as colors, fonts, shapes, etc. Beyond your logo, I can assist with creating additional materials like social media posts, packaging, business card designs, ensuring a cohesive brand identity

      “From an amateur concept – a previously created logo – while retaining its essential elements, you have produced a visibly professional result, and I received a sophisticated logo.”

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