Do you work for free? Why?

A few years ago, much to the surprise of some of my friends, I enthusiastically shared the founding of the Mothership Mother Center Association with them. I designed posters, flyers, and business cards for the association because in a community, everyone contributes what they’re good at, what suits them. This association gave me a lot during my years with small children, when I had to cope with everyday life without the help of grandparents, when I had many questions and uncertainties – as is often the case when you have your first child.

Since then, my children have entered adolescence, and we have moved from Budapest to Veszprém – I was looking for new friends, a new community. I found the BENT Professional Community, founded by female entrepreneurs in 2019 to support each other’s business development in the Bakony-Balaton region. I am currently working on creating a unified visual identity, as we are in full swing organizing the September 2nd EmpowerHER entrepreneurial conference, for which we are seeking sponsors, and so need cohesive, colorful promotional materials. The logo was given, so I had to create a visual communication that embodies professionalism, expertise, and diversity, as our members are enterpreneurs in various fields. We use this visual identity not only in promotional materials, sponsor offers, and social media posts but also to create our revamped website using the resources of Anima Labor. It’s quite a big job. Why am I doing it for free?

Because it is good to be part of a community. Because even if it’s not measurable in money, I still get a lot from this community: I have someone to turn to for advice if I’m stuck in my business, if I’m not sure whether to start something new, or which direction to take when it comes to a new area. Through internal knowledge sharing, I receive a lot of useful information that I can also incorporate into my business.

Perhaps one of the most important things: I have gained valuable friendships in both communities. I believe that true growth happens in community – whether we’re talking about professional or personal development.